Sunday, April 24, 2011

UPs and DOWNs

My face was red as a tomato, but more like a rotten tomato. I was crying. But not just simply crying. I was crying hard. I stared at the ceiling and wondered, Am I gonna stay like this forever? How much more can I take? Should I just kill myself?

Oh wait, before you continue reading, this happened 1234567890 months ago. I am not emo, I am not suicidal. But 1234567890 months ago, I gotta admit I was. Hahahaha.

So back to where I was... It felt like the best thing to do was to drink moriatic acid, to eat Snow White's apple, to jump off a building. And I just realized after typing the previous sentence that I was dumb as a person whose IQ is a single digit, if not whose IQ is a zero. How could I think that way hahaha.

I had no reason to wake up. It was so hard to put up a bright-as-the-sun smile at school, pretending like nothing's wrong. At 4 o'clock, I go home and I go back to my then-daily-routine, which, after school, was to cry myself to sleep.

I am not writing this blog to make my readers pity me. Gosh, I don't even pity myself hahaha. I do not like the word "pity" so puh-leez, do not misinterpret me. I am telling my story so I can share with you the lessons I've learned after those "dark days". So continue reading...

After crying rivers, I decided to stand up for myself. No one can bring me back up but myself. But this time, it was different. I was different. I was less naive. And this time, I was stronger.
I learned a lot from that experience. I realized that life doesn't stop for anyone. Life goes on. Why indulge yourself into self-pity and regret over things you can't change when you can stand up, get over the past and live the present with the lessons you've learned and not repeat the same mistakes again? It made me stronger. And though I still haven't learned everything I have to learn about life, I could say that after that experience, I grew as a person. My outlook in life changed, in a positive way. I gave myself a lot of time to remember who I really was. And with God's help, thankfully, I'm back on track. ;D With more butterflies and rainbows around me. Hahaha. I'm happier. I'm at my happiest, actually. I realized that there's more to life than Facebook (ha ha ha! :p). I have beautiful people in my life who matter more than those who left me, who care about me more than my mistakes, and who are always there for me. Thanks to my best friends, food, Tumblr, my dearest beautiful Mother and God, for giving me a reason to wake up every morning and live happily :)

Sad? Depressed? Suicidal (hahaha)? WTH! What's the point of being sad when you can be happy? Every ounce of energy you waste to cry over something you can't even change will bring you nowhere up. START ANEW. See the beauty of life. Be happy. Eat chocolates. Laugh with your friends. Blog. Shop. Jump. Go to the beach. Take a long shower. Surround yourself with good vibes, good people, good food. Think happy thoughts. And, pray.

God is my DJ. Life is my dance floor. Love is my rhythm. So watch me dance to the music. ♥

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hate your life? Think again.

(click picture to see the text clearly)
"FML. Ugh!!! Grrrr! WTH! Dammit!!! I hate my life! This sucks!!! Life is so unfair! Bored! Ugh!"
I HATE hearing people blab about how miserable their life is. Some people are so pessimistic about every little thing, that they don't see how lucky they actually are to have a good life! People are never contented with what they have, even I myself am not contented with my life. We want more, more and more. I guess it's human nature. But sometimes we just have to see the people around us, those who live a real miserable life. When i see beggars in the street, I always ask myself, "When do you think did they last eat a real meal? Have they eaten their breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Where do they take a bath? Do they watch Mara Clara? If so, then where? Where do they get their clothes?" I've always wondered how it was to be a streetkid. There's no fridge, there's not even a kitchen, so where should I get something to eat? There's no clothes, there's not even a closet, what do I wear? There's no bed, there's not even a room, where should I sleep? And that's when I realize how lucky I really am. 3 meals a day, +2 snacks, a comfty bed, a cabinet full of clothes, a good education, responsible parents, a good life. Sometimes, I don't eat because I don't like the food because it's veggies, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? Some of them don't get to eat even just once a day. Sometimes, I spend a lot of time choosing what clothes to wear, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? Some of them barely have clothes. They only have one shirt, one shorts, one pair of slippers. Sometimes, I feel like not going to school because I want to stay in bed all day, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? They don't even have enough money to send their children to school.

Stop complaining, start appreciating. Life is good, you just have to see the good in it.
Open your eyes, and see how lucky you are to have your life. And thank God for it.

(click the picture to read the text clearly)

(sources of pictures: Tumblr)

The Greenest Place There Is

It's summer and it means Angela will be going back to her hometown!!!
I was so excited to finally go back HOME!!! I missed a lot of people and I'm more than happy that I get to spend half of my summer here in the greenest place on Earth, Oroquieta City!!! (It's in Mindanao :D)
Going home not only meant seeing the people I missed but also getting some "fresh air" :D I had to get away from all the negative vibes in the city! And I'm glad that I'm at the perfect place to be happy all day long!!! It feels sssssssooooo great to be back home!!! Seeing my dad, grandparents, aunts, friends and the place itself feels 101% great!!! There's positive vibes everywhere! :D

It's good to be home :D

Medical Mission

Philippine Australian Medical Association (PAMA) hosted a medical, dental and surgical mission here in my hometown in Mindanao. My grandmother is one of the city doctors and so we got the chance to assist the city doctors and some Australian doctors. Seeing them help the unfortunate was heart-whelming.

It was the last day of the week-long medical mission though, and we went there pretty late so only a few people were left when we arrived.

The Medical Mission

I'm soon gonna be a doctor (hopefully, with all my fingers crossed!) so I better start practicing using the stethoscope. It's gonna be my buddy until I retire!

Antonella and I

If God permits me to be a doctor someday, I think doing medical missions would be my favorite part in being a doctor. The fact that it's free & I'm able to help the unfortunate, it's like my way of thanking God for all the wonderful things He has done for me. Like graduating Medicine perhaps :) I know I can do it, with God's help!!

I'm gonna end this blog with a big smile from me :D
XOXO, Dra. Angela Go ;))

Credits to Antonella Go for taking the pictures in her phone for me! Haha :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bon Appetit!

May and I were talking about random stuff and I remembered this yummy waffle I always see in my Tumblr dash....(picture below)

and poof! the light bulbs in our head popped! we scheduled the 11th of April to make our own waffles!!! But we had no idea how to "harden" the waffle, like the picture above, so we just had pancakes instead hahaha. It's Pancakes Day, baby!!!

the pancake powder

the Chocolate syrup

the Caramel syrup

the evaporated milk

the pancake mix

while May was cooking...

first try!!! yummmmehhhh! tastes so goood!!!

after 1 minute hahahaha...

second, third, fourth, and fifth try. even better!!!!


And now May's cooking hotdog, egg, and cheese! Life's great if you have a friend who cooks well! Hahaha! What a wonderful day :)

Cook: May Leuterio
Taste tester: Angela Go
Eaters: May Leuterio, Angela, Alexa, Mama Go and ate Joan (helper) :D
Photographer: Angela Go


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Born This Way, baby

Sunday noon. We got nothing else to do but to vocalize our beautiful voices hahahaha. So here's my sister Alexandra Sol G. Go and me singing "Born This Way, baby!". Enjoy! :D Sing along if you want to! Mwahahaha :)))

Unprepared version.
Singer: Alexa Go.
Voicing: Angela Go.
Camera girl: Angela Go.

Prepared version. I appeared late in the video, so enjoy!!!
Singer: Alexa Go and Angela Go.
Camera girl: Alexa Go.

Recognition Day

All the hard work paid off. I was smiling the whole ceremony and I came to realize that those sleepless nights, ugly eyebags, stressed looks, were all worth it and the happiness I got from all those is just priceless!!! Congratulations to each and every one of us!!! Thank you to our parents, friends and most of all to our Heavenly Father, thank you for helping, and supporting us since day 1! :D

I was smiling since 6am hahaha :D

Recognition ceremony :)

The 38 second year honor students :) They're a lot! Congrats Sophies!

The 27 third year honor students :) Congrats Juniors!

I was way too excited.

I made it!!!! :))) :DD

"Thank you, Sister Pupe!" *handshake* (my hands were so cold!)

Pinning of ze ribbon.

Me, myself and I! :D

With the three ladies of my life. Choz.

She's the reason why I'm here today. Love her so much! XXX

I am gonna wear this yellow ribbon forever hahaha.

(L to R) the daughter, the second mother, and my real mother :)
I owe Madame Sales a lot! She has helped me so much. Personally and academically. Love you, hot Momma! :*

Lunch at Grand Con.

Why hello there, cholesterol.

Need i say more?

Yummehhhhhh :>

Who looks younger? Hahahaha

L, M, S. Hahahahahaha. Alexandra Angela Antonella :D (i'm the youngest, btw)

I'm happy and thankful for this achievement. Thank You sssssssssooooooo muuuuuuuuuch for helping me, Lord!!! :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

Just watch the link of the video. I do not need to say more.

I'm so proud to be a Filipino!!!

Is SHE Justin Bieber?

Watch this first before reading my commentary :) Your 4 minutes and 38 seconds won't be wasted.

I am totally creeped out, in a good way. This is a bit weird. SHE looks like my BABY so much I'm now thinking twice if Bieber's having the Best of Both Worlds. Could it be Justin? HAHA I'm kidding. She's just a total look-alike. And she's got the voice too! This is so cool like OMG 10 times! Who knows, Dani Shay might be the next big thing!
She's got talent, and I hope everyone will love her not 'cause she looks 99.9% EXACTLY like Justin Bieber but because of her music.

P.S. I didn't commit any grammatical error. Dani Shay, yes, she's a SHE.

Bruno Mars!!!

Eyeliner and a little lipstick. That was it. I didn't care much about my face. Which eventually became a dilemma after the concert i'll tell you why later. I was reserving my voice and energy for the concert of Bruno...wait for it...Mars!!!!! The world-famous Just The Way You Are singer!
I wore too much accessories I wanted to take them all off during the concert. There was too much jumping! And shouting! And shouting. And a lot more shouting. I stepped on a lotta people's feet I don't think a day would be enough to say sorry to all of them. Too many to mention but to the people whose feet I stepped on, I didn't mean it. I was WAY TOO HYPED!!! Our ticket was 1k but thank God we have some really awesome college friends, we got in the V! I! P! section!!!!!! We were like 3 meters away from Bruno Mars!!!! He was so close I could feel his voice in my face! If that's even possible. Lol. May, Addie, Glenalu, Ianne, Stephy and some college friends were with me and I don't know what word to use to perfectly describe how wild we got. Such a fun fun fun night I still haven't got over it!!!!

Thin bangles and an owl ring.

The silver ticket that got us one step closer to heaven!!!!!

Dinner at Chika-an with May's family. The scallops were so good. Mmmmmmm.

The moment I entered the Ballroom, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Hahahaha. No kidding!

**No prof cams were allowed inside. Sucks big time. Though my phone's cam has very poor quality, at least I got some pretty good shots thanks to our pretty good view in ze V!I!P! section!!!**

Yupp, that's him. Yupp, That's Brrrrrrunnnnnno Marrrrrrrrrrrsss!!!!!!!!!!

I told you my phone's cam has very poor quality.

I DIE :">

I DIE AGAIN!!! :"> Sorry for the screams! But if you were in our place, you'd be screaming like there's no tomorrow too, yknow!

All thanks to Bruno for my halloween-look! Eyeliner got smudged as
if I came from a halloween party! Result from too much shouting and jumping and sweating! And yea, this was why my face became such a dilemma. Got a little embarrassed hahahahaha.

So here's a picture with my best friend slash sister May.

With my cool dude, Addie.

Love you, Bruno!

Addie the Great!

A "cleaner" look after wiping my eyeliner.

THE CONCERT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVARRR. From 1k standing to 9k VIP. It was the bomb!!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN! Wild night! The 1k was BEYOND worth it!

Bruno Mars will forever be in my heart. He kept saying that he was proud to be a Filipino. Such great pride! I love him!
The last song he sang was Just The Way You Are and I was jumping and singing along. More like "shouting" along hahaha. What made the concert more fun was when he left the stage, everyone shouted "ONE MORE!" and guess what! Bruno came back and sang one more song!!! It was ze best concert everrrrr.

I love you Peter Hernandez a.k.a. Bruno Mars!!! ♥♥♥

(some photos were taken by my friend Addie)