Monday, March 28, 2011

"When It Rains, It Pours"

April 7. Bruno Mars Concert.
I really thought I wouldn't be able to go to his concert until that one sunny morning, when my Mom, my Aunt and I were chatting at the fields of I.T. Park, my Aunt mentioned about the concert and she said that she wanted to go and that there were only a few tickets left. The light bulb above my head popped and I said I wanna go too. So later that day, May and I went to Ayala and we checked if there were still tickets there and my overly excited smile faded away when the girl in-charge said the concert's already sold out, there were no more tickets there and at Waterfront. But knowing Angela, the girl who never loses hope and is forever-positive, I called my mom and asked for the number of Waterfront Hotel. At the back of my mind, I knew there were still tickets at Waterfront. That girl in-charge was just distracted or something. So I got the number and called Waterfront and guess what! I was right! The girl in-charge at Ayala was lying and obviously was distracted! There were still tickets left for the concert!!! The next day, I woke up early to buy my ticket to the concert. And I lived happily ever after!
I'm am asdfghjkl-ly excited!!!

May 10. Justin Bieber concert.

I really can't remember the exact details about my happiness when I got a ticket to Justin's concert coz it was 3 months ago and my memory's not that good so yeah. But I'm pretty sure I got over-over-overjoyed! Well what I remember though is the feeling I got when I was on the phone with my mom and she confirmed that we're going to Justin Bieber's concert! I was shouting and jumping and shouting and shouting! And a lot more shouting. I have the Bieber Fever, you knowwwww! I can't freaking wait! It's 2 months away and I'm working my butt off exercising to lose the "unnecessary" weight. Coz I want Justin to see me at my fittest! Ha! XD

June 17. Miley Cyrus concert.

"OM to the triple G", Tanya said.
I was watching Boys Over Flowers when a text message in my phone came. And I opened my inbox, you see the first few words of the message right? And when I saw the "first few words" of what Yoshiko's message contained, my eyes popped so big, my heart started pumping fast. The "first few words" said "MILEY CYRUS IS COMI", and when I opened the message, it said "MILEY CYRUS IS COMING. OMG" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I've waited for this since forever!!! I'm a fan of Miley since the Best of Both World days until now, the I Can't Be Tamed days!!! I just... Aaaaaaaaah!!! I cried coz of TOO MUCH happiness and excitement!!! I hope and I pray that I'll be able to go watch her concert! I'm willing to sell my Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber tickets just to see Miley's show! Well, that's not necessary though and I wouldn't have to do that. Hahahaha. But I will, if that's the only way! I love love lovvvve Miley Cyrus and I hope my dream will come true! It's always been my dream to go to her concert. It's always been my dream to see her in person. It's always been my dream to see her hair and legs in person! Hahahahaha. I won't get my hopes up but I'm never losing hope!!!

To make the long story short...
✔Bruno Mars ✔Justin Bieber ❒ Miley Cyrus (still pending and hoping and praying)


I'm no big fan of Korean/Japanese Drama but THIS one really got me. I first heard about it when it aired on GMA7 4-5 years ago. The show never gets old, for me! I never get tired of watching it again and again!

The story is about a group of boys, popularly known as the F4. Uh huh, the famous Flower Four. The story has had its different versions. First, there was the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. I wasn't a fan of it. Then there's the Korean version, Boys Over Flowers. I watched the show, it was pretty good but it couldn't compare to the butterflies and heart-eyes I get with my Forever-Favorite show, Hana Yori Dango. Aaaaaaah! :">

So the story goes like Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers. The main character is a rude rich boy who eventually falls for this brave poor girl.

I'm a hopeless romantic, yknow. I really love the story! :">
I spent the last two days watching it, non-stop. And I cried at the last episode! Haha!

So I print-screened two of my favorite scenes.
Here's the main character saying he would never hurt the girl. Gaaaah, there are hearts all over me! :">

Then here's the ending. They kissed and it was a bittersweet goodbye.

Some of you may find it Jejemon-ish to watch Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese shows but this one's absolutely an exception for me! I love love love Hana Yori Dango!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


He's LEGENDARY!!! His songs, his rockstar voice, his whole being is just so LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!!!

He's so cool and he's one of the reasons why I want to be born in his generation. He's so cool he doesn't even try!!! My favorite Bon Jovi songs are It's My Life (it's genius), Livin on a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name. Who doesn't know these songs? I'm part of the new generation yeah but I don't think there's even one in our generation who doesn't know these songs and this cool dude Bon Jovi!!!

Trust Him

Bad things happen to everyone. And we tend to worry sometimes. Well actually, we worry most of the time. Then we overthink. And negative thoughts start to go around our minds. But have you ever thought of God? He has plans for us. Bad things may happen but it only happens for the greater good. We have to learn to trust God and His Plans for us. We should stay positive and happy. Besides, what do we get from worrying? "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay then it's not yet the end." Just Keep Calm and Stay Gorgeous! ;) :)

Always Pray and Lift Everything to God! :)

(source of my way of thinking: Tumblr)

Friendship just too hard to define. (Don't judge me since I'm in the adolescence stage where a person experiences a lot of firsts and isn't sure yet of what's right and wrong about certain things)

If we talk, then we're friends. Is that it?
If we laugh together, then we're friends. Is that it?
If we cry and comfort each other, then we're friends. Is that it?
I don't think so.

I've always thought of the word Friendship as something of very deep meaning.
But to others, it's just like a word that's JUST a word.

I'm sharp when it comes to this, when it comes to friendship.

People come and go, I know. People will leave, which is sad.
But what's even sadder is the fact that the people you expect the least to leave are the ones who leave you.

And so I have some unanswered questions in my mind.
Does friendship have an expiration date?
If you've found some new friends whom you can relate more than the friends you've had since forever, will you leave your old friends? Just because?
Is it unfair to prioritize some people? What will happen to the rest? Will you just take them for granted? Will you just act like they don't even exist?

Life's a long road and eventually, I know these questions will be answered.


...need I say more?

Where I Grew Up

The alarm would ring and it's time for me to get out of bed. My mom would give me a bath. I would have cereal for breakfast and while eating, my mom would tie my hair with cute hair ties. (I remember that red square-shaped tie, that was my favorite.) Then, I would brush my teeth with my tiny toothbrush, and face the mirror to see how cute and adorable I am. (Just leave me alone reminiscing, ok? This is me telling my daily routine when I was still a kid.) Now it's time to go to school. The school I love the most. The school where I grew up. Stella Maris College.

By the time I enter the gate, I would smile and greet the guard with my cutie patootie face. Then I would walk through that not-so-long-but-it-appeared-long-when-i-was-a-kid-way. Trees were surrounding it. I would pass the Kindergarten classroom and I would touch the walls of the classroom while walking pass it. Then I'd see the canteen. It's still close but it's inviting spirit is already alive. Then I would see my classmates. We used to be the cutest kids in town. Ha! XD We would talk about random things. There was a period of time when we would talk about this telefantasia in GMA7, Encantadia. Every morning, we would share our thoughts on the episode the night before. We would talk around that red round concrete table beside the Principal's Office. Then the bell would ring. It's time for the Flag Ceremony. After singing the National Anthem, we would:
Recite the Panatang Makabayan every Monday,
Sing the school's hymn every Wednesday,
Sing the Misamis Occidental hymn every Friday.
Every Tuesday and Thursday, we would have this exercise routine.
I was an officer, so instead of going straight to our classroom after the Flag Ceremony, I would go to the Grade 2 corridors to check on the 2nd graders. There I would also check if my 6th grader crush is present, since the view from there is a very good view of the 6th graders passing & going to their classrooms. Hahahaha, what a very good memory I have.
Then I would go to our classroom. Classes would go as expected. I was a very good student, I can say. I was very participative. I would always raise my hand. And of course, my answers were correct. Hahaha.
Recess Time comes and we go to the canteen. I would have a plate of spaghetti and a Coke. Or siopai or cheese waffle or hotdog waffle or ice candy. Omnomnomnom.
Then classes again then lunch break.
Unlike my school here in Cebu where we eat lunch at school, in Stella, we had a long time for lunch and we would go home to eat lunch. We would wait outside the school, beside, in front, or in the church (since the church was just outside our school). I would buy spicy mani with juice worth a peso. Then Tatay Cardo (driver) would fetch us and we'd be home to eat our lunch.
Rubi, Dexter's Laboratory, Game KNB? were our favorite noontime shows that time. I would eat lunch with my two sisters. Then it's time to go back to school. Tatay Patis (driver) would bring us back to school. I could still remember the smell of Tatay Patis and his toothless smile. (BTW, he passed away already and I know he's resting in peace). So we would listen to the radio while on our way to the school. It wouldn't be a very long ride since there was no traffic in our place. Not even traffic lights or traffic enforcers. Then it's the afternoon classes. Then dismissal time. Dismissal time meant play time!!! We had our own "territory" where after school hours, we would all meet there and play. It was outside the church, right or left side, it depends on our mood. We would play chinese garter, patintero, tagu-anay, labo-labo, and a lot more. (Gah, I miss those days!!!) Then I'd buy mani again, or fishball or kikyam. It's pretty cool coz the mani vendor knew me and still knows me up to this day :) Then we would be fetched. I would go to my tutor. My first tutor was Mme. Laranjo, then Sir Tammy, then Lola Ester. At that time when Mme. Laranjo was our (me and my sisters) tutor, it was just like play time. We would jump everywhere and play all night. While Madame was busy doing our assignments. But we loved Mme. Laranjo so much. We would bring snacks for the four of us. Yummy yummy snacks! :D Then at that time when Sir Tammy was our tutor, things got a little serious. He was jamming but he was kind of strict. He would let us do our assignments and we weren't allowed to eat snacks until we finished our homework. He's a very smart man! When Lola Ester was our tutor, things were pretty fun! We would have the tutoring at her very big and colorful house. And what made it more fun was that we had tutormates! Boys and girls! And one gay! It was so much fun! We would play and talk and play and talk. But this time, we were more serious with our studies. When Lola Ester would say it's time to study then we would study. Then I would end the day by rolling in the bed. I used to be so small and thin so it was really fun rolling in the bed. I would wait for my favorite show, Encantadia, and then I would pray and go to sleep.

I miss those days. I miss being a kid. I miss my old school. I miss my classmates. I miss my teachers. I miss Tatay Cardo. I miss Tatay Patis. I miss Mme. Laranjo. I miss Sir Tammy. I miss Lola Ester. I miss Lolo and Lola. I miss Papa. I miss Oroquieta City. I miss my ...HOME.

P.S. There's more to my childhood than this post. It's just that it's pass 12 midnight and I'm really sleepy now.

Perfectly Imperfect

I've been making a lot of bad decisions lately. I forgot who I really am. The wounds I have changed me and my attitude. I'm still in the forming-me stage in life, there are still a lotta things I have to discover about myself. But the negative aura in me is pushing me towards badness. Thank God, I've finally come to my senses. I'm back to the old me! The happy bubbly me! :) I got rid of the negative vibes. And I think that's a great start to a new beginning :)

To the people whom I have hurt due to my unpleasant behavioral change (hahahaha) I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. You guys know who you are and I'm happy that we've settled things. Peace y'all!

To the people who left me because they've seen my flaws and imperfections, I just think it's right for us to go separate ways because you can't accept me for who i REALLY am. I'm so sorry that I'm nowhere near you and your perfection! :) Oh well, have a happy & peaceful life! Ha! :D

To the people who have always been there for me, through thick and thin, i love you all! Now I know who are TRUE and LOYAL to me :D Love love love you! I will forever treasure your loyalty and goodness to me! Love youuuu! :) :)

And to the people who have judged me,
"You may know my name, But you don't know my story;
You may know what I've done, But you don't know what I've been through"

Angelaling :D

P.S. I was supposed to put some GIF's but blogspot won't let me so now this post is less fun. Oh well! :D


I wanted to start anew so I deleted my old posts. I just thought that those posts were senseless and irrelevant. I mean, my old posts wouldn't bring me one step forward to being a professional blogger so why keep them? They were of no sense anyway.
So now, I'll keep this blog more updated especially now that it's summer! I have all the time in the world to blog! :) And I'll make sure I'll write blogs with a little more sense now! So here's to a new beginning!!!

Lotsa Love,
Angela Lian ♥