Saturday, December 10, 2011

Favorite Bloggers

Bloggers Meet and Greet | December 10, 2011

Camille Co and I wore the same necklace!!!
Except that mine was black and hers was violet, 
and hers was prolly from some expensive branded store. Haha! 
When she saw mine, she said,
"Terno tayo!"
And I can't remember what I said in reply. I think I just blushed like crazy asdfghjkl :""">

itscamilleco and itsangelago!!! :>
(Camille was really REALLY tall!)

Laureen Uy!!! Yes, Amethyst from My Binondo Girl!
And the younger sister of Liz Uy!!
I loooove her make-up!  

Kryz Uy!!! The owner of WAGW (What a Girl Wants)!!
Kline's favorite blogger!
She was REALLY pretty!!!
And her shoes were ....beautiful :>

We went through some clothes. Laureen offered some help, Kline said she wanted something
Coral since it's her favorite color now... And guess what! Laureen said, "I saw a coral top awhile ago," and she got it for Kline!!!! And guess what moooorrre!! Kryz and Camille helped Laureen style Kline!!!
Kline looked at me and said "picture, Gel!" ahahahaha!
You already, Kline!!

Meeting Laureen, Kryz and (most especially!!!!) Camille was such a fan-girl moment!!!
Even before Celine, Ianne and I got into WAGW, we were already freaking out!!!
Aaaaaahhh I still can't get over it!!

After the meet and greet, the three of us went to pig out!
Pizza, spaghetti, mojos and lots of ice cream!! <33

121011 was such a great day!!!
Reallyy memorable! <3

-Fan Girl

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