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December 3, 2011 | CIA Project
IV-C's "A Pursuit to a Cleaner You"
Half-day activity for our project in Economics. IV-C went to Brgy. Kalubihan, Talamban, and gathered
a hundred kids (let me say that again, a HUNDRED kids. they were a lot :))).
The main objective of the project was to teach the kids how important proper hygiene is.


IV-C occupied the whole jeepney. With Ianne as the conductor! Hahaha!

@ Talamban Sports Complex

The gymnasium was empty....

After a minute... Tada!!!

the Pig and the Egg :p
 Oh viva!

 Picked up the kids...

 Sir, yes, sir and his cute tummy :>

His name's Baby. Ahh, the name says it all!
He's as cute as a button!

During the prayer :)

Girly girls!

First game: The boat is sinking!!

Kim giving the kiddo Barnuts :)

10AM, and my tummy was grumbling! Wanted to ask for some of his taho! HAHAHA!

Gwapito Kenneth :))

Werrrrkkk et, gurl!

After a few activities, the hosts asked the kids what they learned about proper hygiene.
"Unsa man imong nakat-unan?" (What did you learn?)
"Musimba..." (Go to church)

This chinito got so bored during the discussion. HAHAHA!
Look at that face!!! :>

Me: "Picture-picture nalang ta, Boy" (let's just play with the camera, boy)
*then he does the Bayang Magiliw pose*

 A few more kids :)

 KFC for lunch :)

SO CUTE :""">

Before having lunch, we all washed our hands and I asked my group to raise their hands to avoid getting their hands dirty again.
Look at Baby raising his little hands!! Hahahaha.


After lunch, we gave the kids some early Christmas gift. And there our CIA ended :) :)
But isn't it that the "fun starts after the party"?? Hahahaha.
Threw the birthday girl some flour!!
Happy 16th, Bot!!!

I'll end this post with my two favorite pictures :)
Me with the kids doing their favorite pose! Peace sign!

And the cutest Baby!!! :D

I felt great after our CIA :)
-Angela :)

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