Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friendship just too hard to define. (Don't judge me since I'm in the adolescence stage where a person experiences a lot of firsts and isn't sure yet of what's right and wrong about certain things)

If we talk, then we're friends. Is that it?
If we laugh together, then we're friends. Is that it?
If we cry and comfort each other, then we're friends. Is that it?
I don't think so.

I've always thought of the word Friendship as something of very deep meaning.
But to others, it's just like a word that's JUST a word.

I'm sharp when it comes to this, when it comes to friendship.

People come and go, I know. People will leave, which is sad.
But what's even sadder is the fact that the people you expect the least to leave are the ones who leave you.

And so I have some unanswered questions in my mind.
Does friendship have an expiration date?
If you've found some new friends whom you can relate more than the friends you've had since forever, will you leave your old friends? Just because?
Is it unfair to prioritize some people? What will happen to the rest? Will you just take them for granted? Will you just act like they don't even exist?

Life's a long road and eventually, I know these questions will be answered.

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