Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

I've been making a lot of bad decisions lately. I forgot who I really am. The wounds I have changed me and my attitude. I'm still in the forming-me stage in life, there are still a lotta things I have to discover about myself. But the negative aura in me is pushing me towards badness. Thank God, I've finally come to my senses. I'm back to the old me! The happy bubbly me! :) I got rid of the negative vibes. And I think that's a great start to a new beginning :)

To the people whom I have hurt due to my unpleasant behavioral change (hahahaha) I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. You guys know who you are and I'm happy that we've settled things. Peace y'all!

To the people who left me because they've seen my flaws and imperfections, I just think it's right for us to go separate ways because you can't accept me for who i REALLY am. I'm so sorry that I'm nowhere near you and your perfection! :) Oh well, have a happy & peaceful life! Ha! :D

To the people who have always been there for me, through thick and thin, i love you all! Now I know who are TRUE and LOYAL to me :D Love love love you! I will forever treasure your loyalty and goodness to me! Love youuuu! :) :)

And to the people who have judged me,
"You may know my name, But you don't know my story;
You may know what I've done, But you don't know what I've been through"

Angelaling :D

P.S. I was supposed to put some GIF's but blogspot won't let me so now this post is less fun. Oh well! :D

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