Friday, April 15, 2011

The Greenest Place There Is

It's summer and it means Angela will be going back to her hometown!!!
I was so excited to finally go back HOME!!! I missed a lot of people and I'm more than happy that I get to spend half of my summer here in the greenest place on Earth, Oroquieta City!!! (It's in Mindanao :D)
Going home not only meant seeing the people I missed but also getting some "fresh air" :D I had to get away from all the negative vibes in the city! And I'm glad that I'm at the perfect place to be happy all day long!!! It feels sssssssooooo great to be back home!!! Seeing my dad, grandparents, aunts, friends and the place itself feels 101% great!!! There's positive vibes everywhere! :D

It's good to be home :D

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