Friday, April 15, 2011

Medical Mission

Philippine Australian Medical Association (PAMA) hosted a medical, dental and surgical mission here in my hometown in Mindanao. My grandmother is one of the city doctors and so we got the chance to assist the city doctors and some Australian doctors. Seeing them help the unfortunate was heart-whelming.

It was the last day of the week-long medical mission though, and we went there pretty late so only a few people were left when we arrived.

The Medical Mission

I'm soon gonna be a doctor (hopefully, with all my fingers crossed!) so I better start practicing using the stethoscope. It's gonna be my buddy until I retire!

Antonella and I

If God permits me to be a doctor someday, I think doing medical missions would be my favorite part in being a doctor. The fact that it's free & I'm able to help the unfortunate, it's like my way of thanking God for all the wonderful things He has done for me. Like graduating Medicine perhaps :) I know I can do it, with God's help!!

I'm gonna end this blog with a big smile from me :D
XOXO, Dra. Angela Go ;))

Credits to Antonella Go for taking the pictures in her phone for me! Haha :D

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