Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bon Appetit!

May and I were talking about random stuff and I remembered this yummy waffle I always see in my Tumblr dash....(picture below)

and poof! the light bulbs in our head popped! we scheduled the 11th of April to make our own waffles!!! But we had no idea how to "harden" the waffle, like the picture above, so we just had pancakes instead hahaha. It's Pancakes Day, baby!!!

the pancake powder

the Chocolate syrup

the Caramel syrup

the evaporated milk

the pancake mix

while May was cooking...

first try!!! yummmmehhhh! tastes so goood!!!

after 1 minute hahahaha...

second, third, fourth, and fifth try. even better!!!!


And now May's cooking hotdog, egg, and cheese! Life's great if you have a friend who cooks well! Hahaha! What a wonderful day :)

Cook: May Leuterio
Taste tester: Angela Go
Eaters: May Leuterio, Angela, Alexa, Mama Go and ate Joan (helper) :D
Photographer: Angela Go


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