Friday, April 15, 2011

Hate your life? Think again.

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"FML. Ugh!!! Grrrr! WTH! Dammit!!! I hate my life! This sucks!!! Life is so unfair! Bored! Ugh!"
I HATE hearing people blab about how miserable their life is. Some people are so pessimistic about every little thing, that they don't see how lucky they actually are to have a good life! People are never contented with what they have, even I myself am not contented with my life. We want more, more and more. I guess it's human nature. But sometimes we just have to see the people around us, those who live a real miserable life. When i see beggars in the street, I always ask myself, "When do you think did they last eat a real meal? Have they eaten their breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Where do they take a bath? Do they watch Mara Clara? If so, then where? Where do they get their clothes?" I've always wondered how it was to be a streetkid. There's no fridge, there's not even a kitchen, so where should I get something to eat? There's no clothes, there's not even a closet, what do I wear? There's no bed, there's not even a room, where should I sleep? And that's when I realize how lucky I really am. 3 meals a day, +2 snacks, a comfty bed, a cabinet full of clothes, a good education, responsible parents, a good life. Sometimes, I don't eat because I don't like the food because it's veggies, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? Some of them don't get to eat even just once a day. Sometimes, I spend a lot of time choosing what clothes to wear, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? Some of them barely have clothes. They only have one shirt, one shorts, one pair of slippers. Sometimes, I feel like not going to school because I want to stay in bed all day, but how about the poor? Do they have a choice? They don't even have enough money to send their children to school.

Stop complaining, start appreciating. Life is good, you just have to see the good in it.
Open your eyes, and see how lucky you are to have your life. And thank God for it.

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