Friday, April 8, 2011

Is SHE Justin Bieber?

Watch this first before reading my commentary :) Your 4 minutes and 38 seconds won't be wasted.

I am totally creeped out, in a good way. This is a bit weird. SHE looks like my BABY so much I'm now thinking twice if Bieber's having the Best of Both Worlds. Could it be Justin? HAHA I'm kidding. She's just a total look-alike. And she's got the voice too! This is so cool like OMG 10 times! Who knows, Dani Shay might be the next big thing!
She's got talent, and I hope everyone will love her not 'cause she looks 99.9% EXACTLY like Justin Bieber but because of her music.

P.S. I didn't commit any grammatical error. Dani Shay, yes, she's a SHE.

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