Friday, April 8, 2011

Bruno Mars!!!

Eyeliner and a little lipstick. That was it. I didn't care much about my face. Which eventually became a dilemma after the concert i'll tell you why later. I was reserving my voice and energy for the concert of Bruno...wait for it...Mars!!!!! The world-famous Just The Way You Are singer!
I wore too much accessories I wanted to take them all off during the concert. There was too much jumping! And shouting! And shouting. And a lot more shouting. I stepped on a lotta people's feet I don't think a day would be enough to say sorry to all of them. Too many to mention but to the people whose feet I stepped on, I didn't mean it. I was WAY TOO HYPED!!! Our ticket was 1k but thank God we have some really awesome college friends, we got in the V! I! P! section!!!!!! We were like 3 meters away from Bruno Mars!!!! He was so close I could feel his voice in my face! If that's even possible. Lol. May, Addie, Glenalu, Ianne, Stephy and some college friends were with me and I don't know what word to use to perfectly describe how wild we got. Such a fun fun fun night I still haven't got over it!!!!

Thin bangles and an owl ring.

The silver ticket that got us one step closer to heaven!!!!!

Dinner at Chika-an with May's family. The scallops were so good. Mmmmmmm.

The moment I entered the Ballroom, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Hahahaha. No kidding!

**No prof cams were allowed inside. Sucks big time. Though my phone's cam has very poor quality, at least I got some pretty good shots thanks to our pretty good view in ze V!I!P! section!!!**

Yupp, that's him. Yupp, That's Brrrrrrunnnnnno Marrrrrrrrrrrsss!!!!!!!!!!

I told you my phone's cam has very poor quality.

I DIE :">

I DIE AGAIN!!! :"> Sorry for the screams! But if you were in our place, you'd be screaming like there's no tomorrow too, yknow!

All thanks to Bruno for my halloween-look! Eyeliner got smudged as
if I came from a halloween party! Result from too much shouting and jumping and sweating! And yea, this was why my face became such a dilemma. Got a little embarrassed hahahahaha.

So here's a picture with my best friend slash sister May.

With my cool dude, Addie.

Love you, Bruno!

Addie the Great!

A "cleaner" look after wiping my eyeliner.

THE CONCERT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVARRR. From 1k standing to 9k VIP. It was the bomb!!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN! Wild night! The 1k was BEYOND worth it!

Bruno Mars will forever be in my heart. He kept saying that he was proud to be a Filipino. Such great pride! I love him!
The last song he sang was Just The Way You Are and I was jumping and singing along. More like "shouting" along hahaha. What made the concert more fun was when he left the stage, everyone shouted "ONE MORE!" and guess what! Bruno came back and sang one more song!!! It was ze best concert everrrrr.

I love you Peter Hernandez a.k.a. Bruno Mars!!! ♥♥♥

(some photos were taken by my friend Addie)

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