Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recognition Day

All the hard work paid off. I was smiling the whole ceremony and I came to realize that those sleepless nights, ugly eyebags, stressed looks, were all worth it and the happiness I got from all those is just priceless!!! Congratulations to each and every one of us!!! Thank you to our parents, friends and most of all to our Heavenly Father, thank you for helping, and supporting us since day 1! :D

I was smiling since 6am hahaha :D

Recognition ceremony :)

The 38 second year honor students :) They're a lot! Congrats Sophies!

The 27 third year honor students :) Congrats Juniors!

I was way too excited.

I made it!!!! :))) :DD

"Thank you, Sister Pupe!" *handshake* (my hands were so cold!)

Pinning of ze ribbon.

Me, myself and I! :D

With the three ladies of my life. Choz.

She's the reason why I'm here today. Love her so much! XXX

I am gonna wear this yellow ribbon forever hahaha.

(L to R) the daughter, the second mother, and my real mother :)
I owe Madame Sales a lot! She has helped me so much. Personally and academically. Love you, hot Momma! :*

Lunch at Grand Con.

Why hello there, cholesterol.

Need i say more?

Yummehhhhhh :>

Who looks younger? Hahahaha

L, M, S. Hahahahahaha. Alexandra Angela Antonella :D (i'm the youngest, btw)

I'm happy and thankful for this achievement. Thank You sssssssssooooooo muuuuuuuuuch for helping me, Lord!!! :D

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