Monday, April 4, 2011

If this ain't love, don't know what it is. LOL!

It's a crush. Just a PLAIN CRUSH. I'm 15 years young and it's NORMAL to have a crush, right? So let me write about this normal-ness of mine. Hahahaha :D

I've heard his name before but I didn't mind who this guy they were talking about was because I didn't know him. He's my best friend's crush too. Forever-crush, in fact. So I've heard about him like a million times before and didn't care until that day... ♥♥♥ hahahahahaha. I won't get into the details of how I met him since it would be too obvious. I want to keep *his* identity a secret. Hahahahahaha. Gosh, I feel so weird writing this blog. Hahahahaha.

Soooo every tweet/Tumblr post that talks about "Mr. Right" or about, well, crushes... They all remind me of him. HAHAHA :">
"You make me go asdfghjkl" <--Ohhh tell me about it! Hahahaha. Just the thought of him makes me wiiiiiiiiiiiiiild. Hahahahaha.

And you know what, of all the posts/blogs I've written, I've never smiled this big while typing. Hahahahaha *insert smile from ear to ear* :D

I don't know if he's single or taken or it's complicated.
He'll still be my crush, no matter what.
I'm not asking him to like me back. No.
Just let it be. Just leave me alone. Hahahaha.
And besides, he inspires me a lot. Which is a good thing :)))

I remember the time when I was extremely superbly majorly inspired that I was able to write my speech for the English subject in just an hour or two. And I was able to memorize it overnight. I could still remember that feeling... That uber-inspired feeling... Hahahahaha :"> And when I gave my speech, i think it was pretty good coz I was the 2nd best speaker in class. You feel how inspired I was? Ya feel et? Hahahahaha.

Ok, you may think I'm obsessed or whatever but I don't care :)))
Having a crush, it's normal. And it inspires me. And I get all the benefits!
I work harder when I'm inspired, yknow. ;D


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