Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never Say Never

May 10, 2011. I have been waiting for this day since i can't even remember when. It was Justin Bieber's concert day!!!
I've had the Bieber Fever since I was a freshman, and after 3 long years of being a loyal Belieber, he's finally performing in my country! So from Cebu, my mom, my sister Antonella and I flew to Manila to watch the much-awaited concert!

The weather was beautiful :)
The clouds were gorgeousss!
View from the plane.

Manila, Philippines.
Mall of Asia Concert Grounds!!!

It was almost 6pm when we got to MOA, and the sunset was beautful :)
(I have a thing for clouds, haven't you noticed...)

My friends were also there to watch the concert! Here's a picture with May :)

It was exactly 8pm when the front act, the Poreotics, started the show!!! I could already feel Justin's presence!!! It was 9pm when the countdown started!!!! My heart was beating so fast, shouted at the top of my lungs and jumped as high as I could!!! I'm in the same room as Justin-freakin'-BIEBER!!!!!

Antonella took the pictures and videos. We didn't talk the whole time 'cause we didn't want to disturb each other during the concert hahaha.

I'll upload the videos as soon as stops acting up! For a 1-minute video, 4 hours of upload isn't enough. Obviously, there's something wrong. For the mean time, this will be it!

I had a blast at the concert! I lost my voice from too much shouting! Justin Bieber, though you're arrogant, I still love you and I had so much fun at your concert!!!!

Love lots,
It's Gel Bieber ;)

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