Friday, October 28, 2011


Libera Concert for the second time (with Meet and Greet now!!!) | October 28, 2011

Wasn't allowed to take pictures/videos during the concert.
But was allowed in the MEET AND GREET, of course!!!

Such a cutie!!! :>

Look at that face! He's so adorable!

I think this is Josh's little brother.
He's equally as cute as his brother!
Even with his eyes closed! Haha!

Looook at those cheeks! More rosy than mine! Haha!

No words for this guy!! His solos were amazing!!

 Ben's smile.... Hahaha :>

His sleepy eyes made him 10000x cuter!!!

His smile smirk!!! Such a cutie patootie! 

Jonathan is the KINDEST!! He said "Hello" even before i got to stand in fronta him :>
And we had a little conversation that I could not remember anymore! Haha!
He's really reallly kind :)

 And of course, the FAMOUS Joshua Madine!! 
I was practicing my lines before the meet & greet but I got completely blank when he looked at me! I swear his smile can melt an iceberg! Hahahahaha!
I've been crushing on him since sophomore days!!
Plus, his voice (even if it's deep and low now) is still so angelicccc!
He's like an angel sent from above!

It's not about how cute they are...  
Or how handsome they are... 
Or how beautiful their eyes are... 
Or how gorgeous their hairs are...
Well, it kinda is... a little...
But it's really about what they sing about.
They don't sing about girls and kisses and all that.
They sing about the Lord, peace, love, and everything in between.

I hope to see them again!
May God bless the Libera boys!!! Xx

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